How to setup Raspbian and Electra QT Wallet on a Raspberry Pi

Disclaimer: This guide is used for informational purposes only. The Electra (ECA) Team is not responsible for what you do with your wallet. Please ask for help if you have any questions in this process. Happy Staking! – ECA Team

Install Raspbian and Teamviewer

Note: Step 1-6 are to be done on your personal computer (Windows). Raspbian is the Operating System to use on your Raspberry Pi (RPI).

1. Download Raspbian Stretch with desktop on your computer from the download link below

2. Download and Install win32diskimager on your computer from the link below:

3. Download and install 7zip or WinRAR on your computer if you don’t have it already:

4. Unzip the Raspbian file you downloaded in Step 1

  • Right click on Raspbian file you downloaded
  • Then 7-Zip and select Extract files

5. Plugin your microSD card in your computer. Please note the Raspberry Pi requires the OS to be on a microSD card first. There is no internal storage on the Raspberry Pi at this time.

6. Launch Win32Disk Imager and select the IMG file that was unzipped/extracted in Step 4. The “Device” dropdown should be selected with the Drive name of your microSD card, if so, then click on Write.

7. Once the write is complete, you have Raspbian installed on your microSD card. Plugin the micro SD card in Raspberry Pi and power it up. After this, you are done with the Raspbian OS install part.

Next step is to install Electra wallet on your Raspberry Pi (section 2 of this document).

8. To install Teamviewer on Raspberry Pi, download the following from the browser in the Raspberry Pi. This step is optional, Teamviewer is only needed if you want to be able to remotely access your Raspberry Pi from your cell phone or another computer.

Installing Electra QT Wallet on Raspberry Pi

1. Download the pre-compiled QT installer, extract it and copy the folder on your Raspberry PI:

2. Open the Terminal.

The Terminal is a command line interface usually used to install programs or run scripts. To open the Terminal navigate your mouse to the upper left-hand corner of the menu bar at the top of the screen. The icon is this symbol >_ inside of a black box.

Once open, switch to ROOT by typing in the following command. Note: Root is needed to install the wallet properly.

  • Sudo –i

3. Open the Electra-qt-Raspi3-compiled folder. Right click on and select copy path(s). Then paste in the terminal and validate.

Note: If you have a denied access for this file :

Right click on and Properties. Select Permissions menu and allow Access Control to Only owner. Repeat these steps for the Electra-qt file.

During this process, you will have to validate the installation of the different packages several times. You will be asked to confirm with yes or no (Y/O), answer Y.

4. Once installation is completed, copy the Electra folder from Electra-qt-Raspi3-compiled folder to this path: /home/pi/.config.

  • .config is a hidden folder, press CTRL+H to display the hidden files and folders in the home/pi window.

5. Copy/paste the Electra-qt file from Electra-qt-Raspi3-compiled folder to the desktop, it’s the launcher of your wallet.

How to backup and restore Wallet

There are two ways a wallet can be backed up and restored, in this section we will discuss both.

Backup Wallet

One way to backup is to copy wallet.dat file:

  • Navigate to the /home/pi/.Electra folder and save it in a secure location (USB drive, Google drive, etc).

Note – Make sure you are making a new backup of wallet.dat file every
time you create a new address in your wallet.

The other way you can backup it by saving the private keys for each address in your wallet. This can be done from the console window in your wallet (Help > Debug Window > Console). In console run the following command:

  • dumpprivkey publicaddress
  • Run the above command for each public address you have and save all the private keys in a secure location.

Restore Wallet

To restore wallet from wallet.dat backup, just copy the wallet.dat in
/home/pi/.Electra folder and restart your wallet.

To restore wallet from private keys, run the following command in wallet console:

  • importprivkey privatekey “Address name”
  • Address name can be anything you want to name the address as, for e.g. “Staking wallet” (Don’t forget the “ “).
  • Import all the private keys using the command above.

If you encounter any issues or need fast help please see the #help-support
section in our community discord channel Electracoin. Use the link below
to join the server.

Disclaimer: This guide is used for informational purposes only. The Electra (ECA) Team is not responsible for what you do with your wallet. Please ask for help if you have any questions in this process. Always backup your mnemonic phrase, passphrase, and wallet.dat.